Bowling. Really?

This sport is seriously ridiculous.  Wait, did I just call it a sport?  It’s throwing large plastic balls down a long lane to knock things down.  And people make fun of me for chewing on a kong?  Really?  IMG_1150.JPG

Thank god they didn’t have any bowling shoes for me.  Can you tell I’m so not amused?  IMG_1156.JPG

They even listed me on the official roster.  I was on the kids team.  Let’s just say, if they had shoes that fit my paws….and I had fingers and thumbs…..I would have won.  IMG_1153.JPG

But instead, I have more important things to do.  Like alerting the dad that the girl was running too high.  Which I did, and I got my cheerios.  The girl got some insulin.


And then the girl could enjoy the rest of her time bowling.  As if anyone could enjoy bowling….IMG_1162.JPG

Me, I’m over it….can we go already? IMG_1165.JPG