Hey. You. Yeah, you forgot to bolus the girl for lunch.

Oops. The mom thought she had bolused the girl for lunch on a dual wave bolus. She forgot the last step though and didn’t actually administer any insulin. Booo. But no worries. I’m on it. I could tell the girl was going up so I pawed as the mom was reading and the girl was swinging in the hammock. And the dad was starting to smoke a brisket. Say what??!?!

Who needs Cheerios on a Sunday afternoon when there is brisket. Ahhhh. If I were an uncaring dog I would be happy the girl was high so I could get more brisket. Yes. It might be worth it. That was a tasty morsel. And the girl is coming down now so all is good……..


Ps. Isn’t the pink leash awful? It’s my “relieving” leash. I’m not a fan and cannot believe I had my photo taken in it. Anyone want to donate to the “buy darwin a new leash” fund?