Fake forest alerting.


I’m not really an outdoorsy dog. You all know that. I’m built for the city! So when the mom said we needed to go to the airport I thought no biggie. SFO. LAX. PHX. You know. No problem. Well….FAT is nothing like those airports!

First of all, what a terrible airport code. Fresno Air Terminal. Come on folks. There has to be better options. Anything.

Anyways. That’s not even the “big” issue. We walked in and I saw trees. Big trees. Big fake trees. Huh? Why? Yeah, I dunno. Anyways, fake trees or not, there was alerting to do. The girl was super excited to see her sister, and her BG had gone high earlier and then low…. I pawed and then the mom gave her some trail mix. How ironically appropriate. Ha!

Anyways, all was well in the end. But yeah, let’s not go back to FAT….I’ll take SFO any day.