It’s been a busy few years….

Hello all. Three years since I’ve checked in. I’ve been busy. The girl has been busy. The family has been busy. And then all of a sudden the girl was home all the time. No more going to school….although I heard a lot of kid noises through her computer. Weird. Annoying. And the mom wasn’t running all over the place to meetings….although I heard (and still hear) a lot of annoying adult conversations through her computer. Weird. The dad still goes to the ranch. But he is even home more! And the grandma is around a lot more too. (she’s the best…I can do no wrong in her eyes so I can be naughty). But anyways….everyone is home all of a sudden. We aren’t going to hotels….we aren’t going shopping a lot….we’re just home.

I think I’m happy about this. Although I don’t get all the peace and quiet I am used to. Don’t get me wrong, life is great. More belly rubs. And the girl naps with me sometimes. And her Blood Glucose has been pretty stellar…which makes my job easier. Mostly. So yeah.

I’ve got a lot to update you on. I’ll try to blog more often. Writing will be a good escape from the girl and the family. I need my alone time. After all, I’m of the age now I can be a curmudgeon if I want to be. Well, more so….I’ve always been a bit grumpy. And that’s ok.

3 thoughts on “It’s been a busy few years….

  1. Darwin I have missed u and am so glad u are back to blogging, Your Pensacola Fan Club awaits reading about your next adventure,😊❤️

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