TODAY! I’m 9 Human Years on Earth…In Lieu of Presents….

So today’s my birthday. 9 human years on earth. Is that old? Middle age? I do have a lot more white hair…but that just makes me wise. Or actually wiser…since I’m already pretty darn wise. Aren’t I just so handsome? Of course I am.

Anyways. Even though it’s my birthday, work still continues. So I’ve had my normal cheerios and peanuts as rewards for alerts! ALSO, the girl has been spoiling me more than normal, and she knows the way to my heart is through my stomach. Carrots with breakfast…some cheese and carrots for a snack, AND I even got lunch today. And I just smelled NY strips being prepped for dinner. EEK. Yeah, that’s the extent of my excitement.

So anyways. If you want to get my a present, could you please donate to Early Alert Canines? They are the awesome organization that trained me for Diabetic alerting….and paired me with the girl and her family. They are awesome, and continue to do great work for T1Ds.

They are also having a fundraiser this weekend! A live and silent auction…7pm on Saturday, August 22nd. Click here for all the info. And don’t forget to download the Auctria app!

Please register, please bid, please help EAC place more Diabetic Alert Dogs. I say thank you.

One thought on “TODAY! I’m 9 Human Years on Earth…In Lieu of Presents….

  1. Happy Birthday to a true super star!!! You have been an an amazing member of our family!
    You are loved! 💕😊💕

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