A little family update

Hi, I know I haven’t written anything lately but, I am a very busy dog. My family is also very busy. The mom and dad are busy with the ranch the grandma is busy with who knows what and the girl is off of school so she is busy with cuddling with me!

The mom and dad are very busy with the ranch. The mom is always is water meetings ugh, don’t get me started on these zoom meetings! The dad is always busy on the ranch but, summer is especially busy because of harvesting the crops and irrigation.

The grandma is almost always with us. Over COVID she got addicted to these Turkish Novellas but she swears they are “Dizi” what ever that means. She also has 2 more cats that are so annoying! She always has a cat story it is so boring! Oh and get this she plays with the cats more than me! So, the grandma is kind of on my bad side.

The girl crushed 6th grade so she is on summer break. The girl and mom went on this crazy backpacking trip in the Yosemite backcountry. They had to sleep in the DIRT. Just so you know I hate dirt a lot. The girl’s summer is pretty busy but, in between all of her activities she takes a nap with me! Not to brag or anything but, I have the best family ever!

3 thoughts on “A little family update

  1. Great to hear from you Darwin! You are a star! I wish I had your pawtograph!! Keep well and happy! ❤️

  2. Darwin, if you think the Grandma’s cat stories are boring you should hear her “Darwin” stories. She had a friend here last week, and she was boasting about how well educated you are and how good you are at your job. She doesn’t even call you a dog; she refers to you as Prince and Superstar! It’s cringe worthy. BTW, it’s 97 degrees here, ten degrees cooler than yesterday, and we are outside! You are in your house with AC!
    Well, in spite of what I just said, Minnie and I miss you.
    We will see you soon!

  3. Darwin, You have a fan club in Pensacola! I think of u as a super rock star for your years of devotion to the girl and your many alerts. Audrey has heard so many stories about u… u must come to Pensacola for a visit!,❤️❤️

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