I just can’t do an “Unselfie”. 

I just can’t do an “Unselfie”. I’m not that kind of dog to shamelessly promote the fact that I am so giving. But really, I am like the most giving dog ever. 

I protect the girl from crazy blood sugars. I give her snuggles to make her feel better when her type 1 diabetes is being a pain. (And that’s a lot. T1D is a jerk!)  I am always pleasant to look at. That’s giving, right?  Whatever. I know that last one sounded shallow…but the first two are super important. 

So what’s the point of all this?  My point is, if you want to participate in #givingtuesday please consider Early Alert Canines. They do such good work, and a with a small budget, your donation can really make a difference. A huge difference! Imagine knowing that you helped a little kid like the girl get a dog like me. (Well, no dog is as good as me, right? But the folks at EAC will do their best with what they have. I joke!) not really. Anyways. 

So yeah. Please give

PS: aren’t the girl’s pants the worst?   Cats. Pft. 

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