Dexcom Share and Pebble Watch Troubleshooting

Dexcom, the manufacturer of the continuous glucose monitor (CGM) used by many T1Ds, has a Cloud based solution for sharing blood sugars with various “followers”.  This is helpful for parents of little T1Ds and generally anyone who wants someone else to watch out for them.  Sometimes, the technology can get a bit buggy.    Below are some screen shots of what the system looks like, and some trouble shooting tips.


Home screen of the main phone paired to the Dexcom receiver:  Note on the lower left the Dexcom app, and the lower right the Pebble app.IMG_0329



This is the Dexcom share app open.  One can look at the 3, 6, 12, or 24 hr trends.IMG_0330

If the receiver and the phone are paired, data is flowing, and all is good.  IMG_0331

Sometimes, the data isn’t flowing.  We’ve found that just going into the app can help resolve the problem.  Sometimes the app has to be closed and reopened.  IMG_0332

If one is using the optional Pebble watch face for the Dexcom Share, if there is a connectivity issue, it will look like this: IMG_0333

This could be caused by the Pebble not being paired with the phone.  When one opens the Pebble app, if this is the problem, it will look like this:


To resolve this problem, just try repairing with the watch by clicking on the Pebble that comes up in the following menu.  (or whatever Pebble number one might have)IMG_0335

Once the Pebble is paired, the app screen will look like this:IMG_0336

And the data will show up correctly on the watch.  IMG_0337

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