About My Family

Where do I start with these people?  I mean, they are an interesting and odd group.

Laura- The Girl, the little T1D I watch out for:  This girl is my favorite member of the family.  She is the reason I am here to help and oh boy do I help her and her family.  She was diagnosed with T1D at age 2.5, got her insulin pump at age 3, and got me at age 4.  She’s very verbal.  That’s the nice way of saying she talks a lot.  And I mean a lot.  She knows I’m a dog and all, but she still talks to me.  ALL THE TIME.  She even sings sometimes.  Well, a lot of the time.  Whatever, it could be worse….she could try to dress me up.  Wait, she does that too.   Hmmm….she’s my favorite why????    Her life is busy  already and I know it will only get busier when she starts kindergarten.  But no worries, I’ll be there to keep her BG in line as well as be her best friend.  (don’t tell her parent’s this but she said she likes me more than them)

Julia- The Mom, working from home fresh produce marketing consultant, the farmer, the economics professor, the bank board member, etc.:    This woman doesn’t know how to say no to people it seems.  She really should be more like me and just chill.   However, after getting to know grandpa (more about him below) I don’t think that’s a possibility.  I have to say though, she does a great job taking me outside to relieve myself though.  I’ve trained her pretty well to know what I need.    She also is pretty good at rubbing my belly in-between her conference calls and playing with me when she appears to be avoiding work.  I’m training  her to realize that she is here for me during the day….and nothing else.   Whatever, we’ll see how that goes….she’s kinda dense sometimes.

Jorge- The Dad  (and not the cool kind of DAD like I am), the farmer, the chef, my compadre:  This is my kind of dude.  He’s chill, nothing ruffles his feathers (or fur), and he is just a good guy.  Plus he always smells good from all the food he cooks.  (I still have faith he will share with me sometime when no one is looking)  Unfortunately he’s at the farm a lot of the time so I am stuck at home with the Mom.  I know he’ll be mad at me telling you all this….but he gives the best pedicures.  Seriously.  Like better than the spas I used to go to in the Bay Area.   Anyways, he’s also really good at keeping the Mom and the Girl in line and on track.  Sometimes I don’t know how he does it.  He needs his own kennel I think.  That’s where I go when the world around me is too much to take.

Sophia- The Big Sister who lives in Texas, the animal lover, my only competition for the girl’s complete adoration:  This big girl can do no wrong in the little girl’s eyes.  I have to admit, I’m jealous.  Not like crazy soap-opera jealous….well, maybe I am that jealous.  When the Big Sister visits, I don’t get as many hugs from the little girl.   But the big sister is there to make up for those lost hugs.  She loves me a lot too..and why wouldn’t she?  I protect her little sister and I’m fuzzy.    She wants to study to be a vet when she goes to college.  I think she would make a great Vet.  She can practice on the little girl.  (I joke, I joke, not really)

Bev- The Grandma:  The Girl LOVES this woman.  And for good reason….she would do anything for her.   She even spent a lot of time with me during the week that EAC trained the family on how to take care of me.   For some reason she is surprised that I’m as good as I am.  I think it’s because of the dog she has.  While I really like Abby the Queensland, she’s just not that bright.  She shouldn’t compare me and Abby though.  I have like a post doc degree in awesomeness.  Abby never went past 2nd grade.  But it’s ok.  I don’t judge.  Well, maybe a little bit.  Maybe a lot.  Whatever, I’m just that good.

John- The Grandpa:  This is my go to guy when no one else is paying attention.  When I alert this guy, he alerts EVERYONE.  I don’t think he’s good at being quiet.  But that’s a good thing most of the time.  I do think it’s pretty funny though when he talks to me.  For some reason he can’t remember my name and just always calls me “DOG”.   Whatever.  I call him, “OLD MAN” in my head.   He cleaned up my puke once so I suppose he’s alright.

Darwin's Family

Darwin’s Family

14 thoughts on “About My Family

  1. Darwin I think you need to go viral and especially to Children with diabetes and the Joslin Center and the Barbara Davies Center

  2. I am upset by the blog, because of the ignorance of people. I am on Visalia’s disability advocacy committee and we work hard to educate local businesses and people. I invite you to contact me or the committee and we will look into it.. Great writing though;)

    • Thank you Judi. Much appreciated. I will have the mom get in touch with you in a few weeks. She wasn’t expecting my blog to go “viral” and is a little overwhelmed by the support.

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