Welcome to my site.

My name in Darwin Valentino Inestroza. No, I’m not a Brazilian model like you might assume after reading my full name, I am a diabetic alert dog. I have a pretty darn important job and have been training for this job for two years. Well, I actually started out in the Guide Dogs for the blind program but they said I was too “sensitive”. As if. I just knew I had to answer to a higher calling. (Omg my first blog pun!) I attended Diabetic Alert University at Early Alert Canines in the Bay Area. The people there were great and helped me learn what high and low blood sugars smell like and how to let the humans know something is out of whack. Man there were a lot of homes of diabetics I visited while there. They said they needed to find out what kind of humans I needed to be with. I think they just all wanted to spend time with me. I pretty much rock.

EAC helped me find my first (and only) permanent job watching after a little girl named Laura Valentina Inestroza. (yes, she gave me my middle name….). It’s been an interesting few months with her so far. She is the only child in the house and keeps calling me her brother. Whatever. I’m ok with that. Her parents seem kinda odd. More about them, the grandparents and the sister in Texas later. Did I mention the humans are farmers? Whatever. I am a city dog but am acclimating ok. Just don’t expect me to see me in any bandanas!

I’m going to use this blog to share the adventures I have with this family. They seem like they always have something going on. Off to do some alerting……


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