Quiet day today.

So the girl went to school today so it was a pretty chill day at home. They don’t let me go to school with her unless the parents are around. I suppose that’s ok. I need my beauty sleep. However I worry about the girl when she’s not around. Don’t tell her or the family but I kinda like them. Shhh.

The mom is home with me most of the day but she is way boring. I mean really, what is so important on the damn laptop anyways. I tried to get her to take naps with me but she doesn’t get the hint. Hello, cuddly black dog curled up at your feet….it couldn’t be more obvious. Whatever. Her loss.

Oh well. Back to sleep for me now folks. I gotta be on my game when the girl gets home today. I’m sure she’ll be nice and excited from a big day at school and her BG will be all crazy. No worries, I’ll keep an eye on her.


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