Preschool, what a ridiculous place.


So much for a quiet day today.  The mom decided to take me to the girl’s preschool today to meet one of the volunteers.  OH boy, that place is just nuts.  I mean, I don’t understand all these small people running around in one place.  Such a high concentration of small people has to be quite dangerous.  At least it is for me and my long black tail.  But so be it, part of my job. The teachers deserve hazard pay.

We arrived and all the little ones were outside.  As soon as we got there I could smell that Laura was just on the high side.  After being introduced to the volunteer at the school I pawed her, just to show off you know.  Let her know I know my stuff.  Sure enough the girl was 198.  Just high enough to earn me some cheerios.  (Speaking of which, cheerios rock.  Seriously)

The girl walked me around the play yard a bit and practiced my commands.  She’s really great at imitating one of my trainers Mo.  I know I could just ignore the girl but she is so happy when she thinks she’s in control.  “Thinks” she’s in control….she’s not really in control, I am.  But then again I pretty much run this whole family now I think.  Whatever, they are pretty easy to manipulate.

The girl’s friends and teachers are all intrigued by me.  They should be.   More about that later.    Back home now, must sleep.

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