Speaking of love…..FROZEN KONGS!

The mom decided today to make me some frozen KONGS. Thank god Beth and Mo and Carol at EAC taught her how to make these. (Beth’s are still better though). I kinda like food. Well, not kinda, like omg I love food. So anyways, back to the KONGS. These are those rubber toys that have holes in them so the humans can put in treats. Well, I get something better than those nasty store bought treats. I get a mixture of oatmeal (Irish steel cut only of course), organic pumpkin, and banana. All that gets piped into the middle and the the whole thing gets frozen. The humans give me these things sometimes during their dinner time. I am starting to realize that the more I alert them during dinner the more often I get one. Don’t tell them I figured that out though. Whatever, they probably would still give them to me anyways. They love me that much.

So yeah, frozen KONGS rock. I’m slobbering already just looking at them. Looks like I’ll be doing a lot of alerting tonight to make sure I get one. Score.


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