Alerting can be fun…

….when the person one is alerting…. A, doesn’t expect it, and B, is scared of dogs.

Meet my family’s good friend Sladjana. She used to work with the mom and then she and her husband lived in the same community in Los Angeles when the girl was born. She and her husband are pretty big fans of the girl and anyone who is a fan of the girl I like. In fact, I liked her so much I alerted her when we visited last month.

The girl was running too high and I thought I would alert whoever I was closest to at the time, because, seriously why would I bother walking across the room to someone else? Well, I know I’ll be alerting Sladjana more in the future. This excites me. No “whatever’s” needed.







I wish more people would react like this. It would make alerting a whole lot more entertaining.

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