Dance class.

Well, it’s my first time going to the dance studio with the girl. I’m not sure about this place. Or this activity. All the little girls, hyper, crazy. Dance teachers should apply for hazard pay just like I should. Anyways, we get here and I immediately want to leave. I mean. 10 little girls. 20 taps shoes. No thank you. But the girl needs me. I alerted her mom to a high that needed correcting even before they started class so I suppose it’s worth it. Her BG will be in better range now and she’ll be happier in her class. I guess I can make sacrifices.

The mom wasn’t kidding though, I think this is going to be the longest hour of my life. Do they make dog ear protection? Maybe my paws will work for the time being. Wish me luck. It’s hard to alert with all this racket.

And no jokes about being a “Dance Dog” please. I’m way too cool for that.




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