Preschool pick up.

The mom took me to the girls school today to pick her up. The girl and all her little friends were outside playing when we arrived. That didn’t matter because the girl ditched all of them when I showed up. Of course. I am way more important.

The mom let me hang out for a bit with the girl and her friends. Ummm. That school yard smells like dogs, horses, and pigs. Oh, and little kids. Weird mixture of smells. I think the kids smell the worst personally.

Anyways. The girl thought I might like doing tricks. As if. I am not a trick dog. I work. I do real work. Important work. I don’t jump off ramps. I humored her for a while though. I didn’t want her friends to think she has an uncool dog. Wait. I don’t cases what they think. I am cool in my own mind. I kinda like that she said I looked like a fox. Foxes are awesome.

Finally the mom took us home. I think I have the moms little car figured out. I belong on the seat not on the floor.

Once the pig and horse smell cleared out of my nose I realized we had a potential issue.

How’s that for an alert!?!? Pretty clear huh? Well the mom said the girl was ok because she was 150. Umm. She should have listened to me because the girl dropped too low about 30 minutes later. I told you. Whatever. She will listen someday I hope.

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