Car alerts.

I am awesome at car alerts. Seriously. The mom and dad are lucky I feel so at ease on the road. Maybe in my past life I was a gypsy. Wait. I’m underselling myself. I was an explorer! An international dog of mystery…… Whatever. Who cares about my past life. This life rocks. I couldn’t possibly be any better than I am now, right?

Back to my awesome alerting. Before lunch I intercepted a low. I alerted the mom and the girl was 118 with insulin on board. Yup. I can smell a problem before it happens.

She gave the girl a glucose tab to preempt the low and off we headed on the road road trip to Los Angeles. Sure enough just 20 minutes later the girl was 100. Even with a glucose tab! (Usually those bring her way up!) She would have been well below range if I hadn’t intervened.

I rock. But you already know that by now. If you don’t know, keep reading.

Back to sleep. I’m glad the mom and dad brought the SUV and not that dumb little Acura. Room to stretch! Ahhhh.

PS: The child cannot stop singing. She was singing when this picture was taken…..about bumble bees or something. Ugh.

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