Long night.

This Residence Inn place is kinda weird.   The mom and the dad are upstairs in some loft looking place, and I am stuck downstairs with the grandma, the grandpa, and the girl.  The girl was so excited to have a “sleep over” with the grandma and the grandpa.  Me, not so much.  But I made the best of it.

The girl went to bed a little  too high so I knew it was “game on”.    Sure enough the girl had a high just above 200 so at 3:30am I woke the grandma up.  I didn’t paw, but boy did I make a lot of noise.  I think I might have smacked her in the head with my tail too.  She’s pretty perceptive so she got right up to check the girl’s BG.  She then texted the mom to let her know what was going on.  Weird.  These people text each other when they are in the same hotel suite!  Whatever, if I could text I would just text when the girl was having issues.  That would be easier than lifting my paw.

Anyways.  I’m pretty proud of being on my game with the grandparents.  The girl’s BG came back into range pretty quickly and all was right with the world.  But now the girl is up and keeps talking about this Disney place.  I still don’t like the sound of this.

Breakfast time!

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