I’m a teacher.

Prior to getting me, the girl had little knowledge of drops in her blood glucose. That’s not a good thing and is very dangerous. The mom and the dad used to always try to figure out when the girl was low, but she’s a toddler. Uh. Duh. That’s hard. Toddlers act low all the time even when they aren’t type one diabetics!

Anyways, the mom and the dad also used to ask the girl all the time when she was low, how she felt. So she could be better at knowing herself. None of this worked. Until they got me. I helped teach the girl what a drop in BG feels like! Whatever, I did it on my own and you all know it. She learned by me alerting as she was dropping so she could get a sense of what the drop feels like. Now she can tell better on her own. Pretty awesome, huh?

So now if I’m sleeping on the job (yes, I do have to sleep thank you very much) the girl has been better at telling the mom or the dad that she feels low. In fact, she did this today. I am so proud of her. Yes, I can be proud. This is a big deal.

The girl and I are a pretty darn good team don’t ya think? The mom and the dad are lucky to have us both. We are like exponentially better together.

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