Bread, calamari, broccoli, and an impending low……perhaps?

So the kid loves calamari. Like it’s her favorite food ever. Well, other than steak but I think she just likes that because she knows I want one. That’s not nice, huh? Whatever, I would do the same thing if I could.

Anyways, so the girl and the mom the dad the grandma and the grandpa went out to dinner while in Monterey. Land of the calamari. The kid was in heaven. Plus she had a totally awesome BG before dinner. Cool. I got to relax under the table and not have to worry about alerting!

But then we got back to the hotel and I had to give a post dinner alert. The girl usually goes a bit high after dinner. Tonight, not so much. Thank god I’m around. The parents again made the assumption she was going too high but they were wrong. They were floored that she was only 101 with a lot of insulin on board. Juice box to the rescue. At least that’s what we thought.


Do’h!!! It turns out the combination of bread and calamari and broccoli acts exactly like pizza. And remember. Pizza is evil to a type one diabetic. Say it with me “pizza. is. evil”.

So anyways what that means is the girl was back up to 198 before bed and then even higher in the middle of the night. Argh. It was a long night. Many nights are long when one is dealing with type one diabetes. Whatever, I’ll just sleep later. The mom and the dad can’t do that. Not my problem.


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