Heel toe, let’s not have a low.

Tap Dance. So over it. But the girl loves it. So here we go again. I could tell the girl was off a bit on the way there so I alerted the mom. The mom was driving so the girl checked her blood glucose all on her own. She rocks.


Sure enough she was a bit on the high side after having her snack at school. Score. Cheerios. The girl needed extra insulin (based on her pump settings).

Now the issue is to make sure the correction wasn’t too strong. See, this is the issue. It’s a constant balancing act. The mom wants her BG to come down but not too much. And those ratios are always changing. So here I am. Now watching for possible lows. While enduring the clickety clack of tap. Argh. Sometimes I wish I didn’t love the girl so much. Whatever, giving love is almost as good as getting love. Almost.


****update! I caught an impending low. Even though the mom didn’t even give the whole correction I just saved the girl again. Time to change the settings!!!! I’m tired.

One thought on “Heel toe, let’s not have a low.

  1. Darwin, thanks for putting up with the tap shoe noise.
    That does mean you will have to be on the job at another recital, but you were superstar at the last one!

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