“Puppy glitter”.

So at the humans training, my EAC trainer Mo kept telling the mom and the dad that the “puppy glitter” will wear off. I guess that was supposed to mean that the girl would get tired of me eventually and I wouldn’t be the coolest thing ever. Now I love Mo and all. And she did a great job making me the best behaved dog ever. But I have to really take issue with this.

She of all people should know that no one. And I mean NO ONE would ever get tired of me. As if. I mean I am not only a handsome fuzzy dog but I’m also a safeguard for the girl. I help keep the girl safe!  And I give good snuggles.  What’s not to be all exited about!?!?

And you know, in all honesty, the opposite has happened since I’ve been with this family. I’m more glittery……. figuratively and literally. This family loves me more every day I am with them. They see how much I help them manage the girls type one diabetes.  Plus the girl and the mom use glitter. A lot. And sometimes I’m quite sparkly.

Sparkle on.



One thought on ““Puppy glitter”.

  1. Darwin you are the sparkliest and I so agree with you about FAKE dogs. Had an encounter with one at the grocery today. True Service dogs do not raise their leg and peepee on the grocery carts. The manager asked the lady to leave. She did but I think she was shocked at all the gasps.

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