Fat Tuesday. Lent. Whatever.

So the dad was talking about Fat Tuesday the other day. He said it was a day of indulgence. I was like. Umm. Hello. Yes please. That sounds great. Indulgence = steak. Awesome!

So what has my “Fat Tuesday” been like? Same as every other day! No indulgence. No steak. Nothing different. I think I’m getting cheated today. Whatever. I think I always get cheated.

Now this thing called lent is starting tomorrow. The dad said its about giving up something that one loves. What am I going to give up? I got nothing to spare. Right?

I’m not giving up my food. It’s pretty bare bones already. I’m not giving up my snuggles with the girl. That would be unfair to her. And I’m not giving up my alerting, because that would be just be poor work ethic.

I know! I will give up listening to the mom and the dad! That’s it. Wait. I don’t love listening to them. So that would be a sham to give that up. Plus they would just give me corrections and that’s not worth it.

You know. I’ll give up nothing for lent. And I’m ok with that. I’m pretty sure whoever is in charge of lent will understand.

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