Buzzfeed quiz. The Darwin version.

The mom keeps taking all these buzzfeed quizzes. I was like whatever. I don’t care what food you would be or what island you should live on or what Golden Girls’ charter you are.   But then I thought. Why don’t I create one of my own?  But then I realized I don’t know how to do fancy programming that would actually generate a different response  for each person who took the quiz.   So my quiz is different. Shorter. Better.  Whatever.  More accurate really.

Want to know what kind of person you are?

1. Do you like me?
2. Are you on awe of me?
3. Are you amazed by my alerting abilities?

*If you answered no to all of these questions you are a bad person.  Seriously.  Or you just don’t know me yet.  Read some more of my blog, please.  Then retake the quiz.  Repeat as needed.

*If you answered no to one or two of these questions you are a marginally ok person and need to read my blog more. Then retake the quiz.  Repeat as needed.

*If you answered yes to all questions you rock.  Are a great person.  And you get “it”.   It being all that is good in the world.

So yeah, there’e my quiz.  Easy.  Peasy.  Make sure to share the results with all your Facebook Friends…I am sure they are all interested!

Speaking of Facebook, can I get a like or two?  MY FACEBOOK PAGE.

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