Career change poem.

When I was born, they said “he will help the blind”,
I lived and worked with my puppy raisers and was on track.
Hard work, dedication, honing of my body and my mind,
All eight levels of guide dog school completed without any flack.

But then they changed my trainer and saw something they didn’t like.
Guide Dogs for the Blind needs perfection and only gives one chance.
I felt pretty devastated and thought the world had ended…..psych!
I got career changed to be a diabetic alert dog, which made me do a dance!

You see I had always known that I would do something unique and cool,
And while guiding the blind is a noble career and has its pros,
I knew that with my personality and my overproduction of drool,
That I would do much better with a silly little girl who has blood sugar lows.

So the awesome folks at EAC trained me to alert on low and high BGs.
And I excelled and worked hard to try to be the very best.
It was amazing how much I learned, each day I would completely seize,
To make sure I was ready for life with the girl…and consequently no rest.

And ready I was, with nails trimmed and my nose in gear,
Eager to prove myself and gain the girl and her family’s trust.
The mom and the dad were so full of anticipation that I had some fear.
I didn’t want to let them down and have them feel like I was a bust.

I prove myself through alerting each and every day.
The family is happy, the girl is safe and less in a low BG fog.
“Thank you Darwin” is what they all say.
I say whatever. I’m proud to be the girls diabetic alert dog.


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