Cinco de Mayo parade.

The mom decided that we needed to go to the Cinco de Mayo parade this past weekend.   I was fine at home.  So was the girl.  But we went anyways.  There was some pretty good stuff.  The traditional dancers were great.


The low riders were pretty awesome.  But man those stereos were LOUD.  And why didn’t they synchronize their music?  That would have been a lot better.  For everyone.   I know, I sound like a curmudgeon.  I am.  And I’m ok with it.  20140503-161338.jpg

The girl makes a good pillow sometimes.  And I’ll take what I can get!  When I can get it!20140503-161346.jpg

The girl had enough.  Her BG was in range, so I was ok. Well, ok, I was a bit bored.  Nothing to do.  The girl was too.  So we left a little early. 20140503-161353.jpg

But not before we listened to these folks.  They were great!  Viva Mexico!

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