Iris festival alerting.

So the town close to where we live had an Iris Festival.  The mom and the dad have enough iris in their yard we could have just had the festival at our house.  Whatever.  I rescind that comment.  I don’t want all those people here.

Anyways, so before the mom and the girl and I set off for the Iris festival, we had breakfast.  I had the same thing I always have.  1.5 cups of food and one fish oil pill.  Yeah, I know.  Exciting.  The girl decided she wanted cereal.  She doesn’t have cereal very often.  And there is good reason for that.  Almost every cereal out there has way too much sugar, way too many simple carbs, and almost no protein.  What does this mean?  This means Darwin will be be going nuts for several hours.  Or that the girl’s BG will spike rapidly, and then she has more of a chance for lows later.  Yeah, cereal should be banned.  But no, the mom gave the girl cereal.  And an egg.  And a glass of milk.  All with the goal of preventing the spike and the drop.  The mom has succeeded in the past using this method….but the girl had a new cereal this morning.  One that would turn out to affect the girl differently.  Ugh.

So as we pulled into the parking lot, I alerted.  The girl was 378.  This is a number the mom never likes to see.  The pump programming said the girl needed a big correction of insulin to bring her down.  The mom knew better so she didn’t give any extra insulin.

The girl wanted to go see the reptile show by E&M Reptile Family.   She had seen it before, but she really liked it and wanted to see it again.  Plus the show is put on by the parents of one of her friends!  And her friend was there.  Cool!  Right?  Yeah, the mom is scared of snakes, so she just watched me during the show.  And good thing.  I put on more of a show than those silly reptiles!


I had to paw shortly after the start of the show.  Just as the girl went to the front to hold something called a blue tonged skink I think.  Um.  Blue tongued anything just doesn’t sound right.

20140427-233636.jpg Anyways, the girl was still high, but had come down to 295.  Not good, but better.  20140427-233607.jpg

Ok, so this is what happens when the girl is really out of range.  And changing rapidly.  I drool. Yeah, ok, so whatever.  Get over it.  It’s just one more way I am able to non-verbally let the parents know there is an issue.  A big issue.  You have to admit, even with mass amounts of drool, I’m still handsome.  Right?20140427-233612.jpg

The girl was having a blast.  The reptile dude brought out lizards, turtles, and then he brought out a really big snake.  It looked different from the squeaky snake toy I have at home.  I think I’ll stay away from this one.  The girl didn’t have any fear.  She just got right up there.    The mom and I stayed in the back.  And we’re both ok with that.  Don’t judge.  20140427-233620.jpg

The girl on the other hand……got right in there!  I guess I’m  proud of her.  Well, maybe.  I hope she doesn’t want a snake.  20140427-233632.jpg

After the show the girl and the mom got to walk around with their friends.  The Iris festival had a lot of things to do.  First, chalk drawings.   The girl wanted to draw me.  Always.  20140427-233649.jpg

Then a quick trip to the bounce house.  Thank god they won’t let me in there or the girl would try to get me in there.  That doesn’t look like fun.  I can alert from here if I needed to.  But I didn’t at this point.  The girl was back in range.  The mom checked just to make sure.  She should have known the girl was ok since I wasn’t pawing!  Sometimes she doesn’t trust me.  Which isn’t right, right?20140427-233654.jpgAnyways.  All in all, it was a good Iris festival.  I hear it’s an annual thing.  So that will give me a year to prep for the next one.  Hopefully cereal will be banned by then.  Then maybe I can actually enjoy the festival.  Yeah.  Whatever.  I’m just trying to be more positive.


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