Pick up trucks. Not so much.

The dad wanted to show the mom and the girl all the new growth at the ranch, and they brought me along.  Next time, leave me at home. Please.  I would rather be in a Prius.  Air conditioned.  Comfortable.  Cushy.  But since that obviously didn’t happen, I decided to sit on the mom’s lap.  She’s comfortable.  She’s cushy.  (yikes, don’t tell her that, she might not appreciate that comment.  Whatever, you can tell her.  I’m ok with that.)  She’s not as comfy as the inside of a car, but as always, I’m forced to improvise and make the best of any situation.  Plus it was kinda torture to her.  20140503-170004.jpg


The dad and the girl didn’t get it that I wasn’t too happy here.  Yeah, they love each other.  But what about me?!?!  20140503-170010.jpg

Yeah yeah, the baby oranges are looking good.  Moving on.  Let’s go home. 20140503-170056.jpg


And yes, I rode back to the workshop in the mom’s lap.  She said it was not pleasant to have a black, 75lb dog on her lap.  Hopefully next time I’ll ride up front.  Where I should be.  I’m not made for this ranch world.    And no, I didn’t do any alerting while in the back of the truck.  I mean, seriously.  How could I?!?!  I couldn’t even stand up without falling down.   I lie.  The girl’s BG was in ok shape the whole time we were there.  So there wasn’t any alerting to do.  I would have alerted if she had needed me.  20140503-170040.jpg

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