Darwin vs. the CGM: Darwin won.

The girl was having a nice Saturday morning. Helping the mom clean the house, do laundry, oh, and maybe watch a few cartoons.

I could smell there was an issue. So I pawed the girl. And then I pawed the mom. Because the girl wasn’t paying attention to me. Whatever. Caillou is not that interesting to me but I guess the girl likes him.

Anyways. So I pawed the mom and she checked the CGM. The continuos glucose monitor showed the girl was ok. I looked at the mom and pawed again. As if to say “check already!” So she checked. And you can see I, Darwin the diabetic alert dog, was right!!!

20140524-121308-43988409.jpg. You see, the CGM is about 20-30 minutes behind me. The girl was dropping fast. And I preempted a low! Go me! It was a good alert. No. An awesome alert. So the mom and the girl gave me a cheese party!!!! The best kind of party ever.

So three glucose tabs later for the girl, and I was snoozing on the floor. The mom made the girl lunch and checked her blood glucose again. Before she checked though she looked at the CGM. It said she was borderline low. So the mom had the audacity to look at me like I was slacking! Whatever. She should know better.

Sure enough. Look who’s right again.

Just as before, I’m faster and more accurate than the CGM!

Now don’t get me wrong. I like the CGM. It keeps me on my game. And it gives the mom and the dad and the grandparents and the baby sitter and the teachers and everyone involved with managing the girls diabetes some good information. Sometimes. It’s these massive swings in BG that it’s not that good at. But guess what? I am good at those. And I’ll be on the job when the CGM can’t keep up.

In fact, check this out. This was post lunch. I pawed the mom just to let her know that the girl was now too high. No correction of insulin was needed, but I just figured I would show off. Whatever. Maybe I wanted some Cheerios too.

It’s going to be a long day! Happy weekend whatever.

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