Graduation alerting.

The mom was asked to speak at an 8th grade graduation at Zion Lutheran School.  Um.  Why.  I have no idea.  Other than she had graduated from there FOREVER ago.  But anyways, she was asked to speak so the dad and the girl and the grandma and I all went with her.  To give her moral support, and to make fun of her.  I’m not saying who did what, but you can probably guess.

Anyways.  More important than the mom speaking, was me alerting.  The girl was going a bit too low, so I had to throw a paw to the mom.  HA!  And I did it before she had to get up and speak.  And she was wearing a black dress.  And I had dusty paws.  But that didn’t matter.  The mom and the dad needed to know that the girl needed some help.  And that’s what I do.  Dusty paws and all.


The dad gave me some cheerios.  The girl got some cake.  And the mom did an “ok” job speaking.  20140523-064028-24028033.jpg

The mom told the graduates that they had a good solid foundation for their next step in life.  And blah blah blah blah……  She should have just talked about me.  But she does enough of that already I suppose.

Maybe next year I can be the guest speaker.  I could do a good job inspiring people to be amazing.  I mean, look at me.   See…you’re inspired already!




2 thoughts on “Graduation alerting.

  1. I heard the grandma say that you were a rock star at the graduation. Darwin, what’s a rock star?
    Your BFF, Abby

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