Preschool graduation.

So the girl graduated from Preschool today.  The girl was super happy today.  The girl was *FINALLY* graduating as she would say.   I was super whatever.  I mean, her BG had been totally good all day.  It was amazing.  The girl was in a great mood.  Ok, so I was happy too, not just whatever.  Her CGM was happy.  The mom and the dad were happy.   Shoot, everyone was happy!  _JCI7389 Well, I was happy, whatever, and a bit bored to tell you the truth.  There wasn’t anything do at this graduation.  Other than sleep.  Which we all know I have that skill mastered!  _JCI7343

At one point the girl and her friends were singing some song that involved banging sticks together, on the ground, and on their feet.  I had to wake up for that.  Begrudgingly.  _JCI7356

And then I got to go on stage after the girl had graduated.  Everyone else was congratulating her and kissing her.  I thought I would get in on the action!  I don’t know why the mom says “ewwww”.  I mean, after all, she kisses the dad.  Like it’s any different! _JCI7406

The girl then had the “great” idea that I needed a graduation cap too.  Of course her teacher thought it would be awesome.   It was so not awesome.  Seriously.  We know how I am with costumes.  Hats. Anything that is not a collar or a service vest….does not belong on my person!  Or would I say does not belong on my dog?  Hmmmm.  The grandma, the English major would know that.  But anyways, back to the torture.  Look at my eyes.  They are saying, “this is not cool, save me”.  Now look at the girl’s eyes.  They are saying, “I think this is funny to torture Darwin.”  Well, maybe the girl is not really that harsh.  But she looks mischievous, right?!?!  _JCI7412Thank goodness, the torture only lasted a short while because the mom told the girl to take the hat off me.   HA!  Now look at the eyes.  Mine say “thank you”.  The girl’s say “but why?”  Since those are her two favorite words at the moment, she can even say them non verbally.   She learned all this non-verbal communication from me BTW.  _JCI7416


The graduation was a party!  Everyone brought food!  I think they call it a pot luck.  Whatever it was, it smelled good.  The dad had grilled tri tip (aka Central California Steak) and the mom made homemade bread.  Who cares about the bread. Steak!  But there was no alerting to be done at this point.  And I know they just won’t give me steak just because.  I would have to earn it.

The girl’s favorite person in the world came to graduation… the babysitter!   She rocks.  Well, except here.  She just looked so happy eating that steak…right in front of me…while I watched.  Not cool babysitter girl! Next time you’re over I’ll show you…..whatever.  Who am I kidding.  No I won’t.  I always behave like a model dog.

20140611-214916-78556559.jpgAnyways, I wish the girl had eaten just the tri tip.  Instead, she had a piece of pizza and some fruit.  Oh, and a cookie! And some red drink that looked toxic!   I thought, this is going to be game on Darwin!

Sure enough, when we got home, I could tell the pizza was kicking in.  And the insulin was late to the party.  It was seriously game on.  I don’t want to say I’m happy that the girl needs me to alert, because it would be great if she didn’t.  But at least I feel like I’m earning my food when I alert, and like saving her life and all.    20140611-214916-78556927.jpg

And I’ll be there in the next stage of her life.  Kindergarten.  With new students.  New teachers.  And a whole lot of alerting since I heard the mom say to someone that she is planning on volunteering in the girl’s classroom a lot.  So that means I’ll be there.  So that means I’ll be able to alert during the day.  Which means maybe I’ll get that steak….whatever.  I’m delusional.    I didn’t get my normal cheerio fix today, sorry.

In any case, expect another post like this a year from now, when the girl graduates from Kindergarten.    Till then, keep the hats off me.  I’m good.  I promise.

One thought on “Preschool graduation.

  1. Great blog, Darwin! I knew there was something special going on tonight. You should have had a piece of Central Valley steak as a reward for wearing that grad hat!
    Your BFF, Abby

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