Bathroom stalls aren’t fun. And a haiku or two.

Umm. I like bathrooms stalls just about as much as the mom and the dad like picking up after me.  Actually, I like it less because they don’t ever complain about picking up after me.  They know I’m worth it.

Anyways, I guess they have to take me in the stall with them.  I mean, don’t tell anyone, but I’ve had to alert while the girl is using the bathroom.  I know, it’s not ideal, but she was low.  Ok!  Whatever.  Don’t judge.    Plus the mom is moving so fast all the time sometimes it’s the only chance I get to do a really good alert that she’ll pay attention to.  It’s still not fun.


And now for some haiku on the topic….yeah, I’m going there.

I go on a leash.
Humans go in a bathroom.
TMI for both.

Cramped stall or out side?
I would take outside all day.
But humans are weird.

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