This is what low blood glucose looks like.

Seems like it.   Right?  That’s what the mom thought.  But nope, the girl was just tired.  The mom should know I’m not going to let her go low, with my head in her lap.  Well most of the time I’m on my game.  But seriously.  The kid has been swimming and she was tired.  20140628-100506-36306542.jpg


I didn’t have the heart to wake her up…even though she was kinda smothering me.  I knew she needed some refresh time.   But the mom shortly after this woke her up to check her blood glucose.  Even though I wasn’t alerting.  Ugh, it’s rough when she doesn’t trust me.   But I know she just cares.  I do too.  20140628-100506-36306918.jpg

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