Dance recital rehearsal was rough but the performance was a snoozer! From a blood glucose perspective of course….

So the girl had not one but TWO dance recitals.  Which means two costumes.  Two performances.  And two rehearsals.  And one uneasy mom……

The girls god mother and god cousin came to visit. Thank god. They are fun. And honestly, the mom doesn’t handle dance anything very well. The god momma does. She’s a pro.  So thank god she came to help out back stage so the mom and I could just chill in the audience.  And by chill, I really mean I was on duty.  Whatever.  You already knew that I’m sure.

Even from in the audience I could still tell the girl was in trouble. She had a tortilla with breakfast and those are hard to estimate the carbs. Whatever. Too many excuses. The mom over bolused the girl at breakfast. And that extra insulin was making the girl drop too fast. And that combined with all the craziness of rehearsal could have been a recipe for disaster.

The god mom had the CGM with her. But that darn CGM was messing with her.  It said she was fine, but I knew better.



So I alerted the mom.  Who texted the god mom.  Who checked the BG of the girl back stage.  And sure enough, she needed some carbs.  20140628-171056-61856587.jpg


The low BG was averted….and the rehearsal was almost over!  The god momma and the girl came out and the god momma gave me some love.  She likes me a lot.  Because I help take care of the girl.  And she loves the girl a lot.  OH, and she likes me because I’m handsome too.  I know it.



Later in the evening, just before the first performance, I gave an alert to the mom.  The girl was a bit high.  The god momma was on it though!    The girl needed a bit more insulin, and then back stage they went.  20140628-171226-61946981.jpg


And by the time of the girl’s SECOND performance her BG was just fine.  In fact, it was too good.  She was having too much fun harassing me.  I mean, seriously.  Give me some space girl.  The mom quickly intervened and told her that was inappropriate.  Whatever.  I like hugs, but not oppressive hugs.  20140628-171226-61946549.jpg


So all went well.  And we got to retire these costumes.  Thank god.  I was tired of having to wear the bunny ears and sailor hat.  I have a sneaking suspicion they aren’t gone for good though…..  This Halloween day doesn’t sound good…..20140628-171226-61946107.jpg

4 thoughts on “Dance recital rehearsal was rough but the performance was a snoozer! From a blood glucose perspective of course….

  1. Darwin, you are so multi talented and sophisticated the dance recital had to rub off on you. I bet you and the girl could be on Dancing With the Stars in the next few seasons…or ballroom dancing events on television. The girl is so adorable and you are so handsome…I can see you in a tux and the girl in her bunny costume. Hello People magazine…there would have to be a cover in your future!

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