Kindergarten open house, and a momentous occasion!

So the girl’s kindergarten teacher, who totally rocks btw because she LOVES dogs which means she loves me even more than regular dogs.  Wait.  Anyways.  What was I talking about?  Oh yeah, so the girl’s kindergarten teacher held an open house for her students before the first day of school.  So the kids could meet her and see the classroom and find where everything is. And I got to come along.  And after the traumatic last day of preschool, I was hoping this would be a good event!   And it was!  The girl made some new friends that first day.  Saw her beautiful classroom.  And… a cookie.  And you know what I got?  Cheerios!  Because she was running high.   Guess what else the girl did?IMG_1202.JPG

She checked her blood glucose in her kindergarten classroom for the first time! Go girl!  She really made the mom proud and her new teacher was impressed!  Which then made me proud.  Go girl go!  IMG_1205.JPGHere’s hoping the girl has a fabulous year in kindergarten.  I know she will.  And I have a feeling I’ll be going there a lot too since the mom likes to volunteer to help out.  Which means I can tag along.  Hmmm….18 kindergarteners in the girl’s class.  80 kindergarteners at the school.  I think I’ll stay inside during recess.  Please.  And thank you in advance.  Whatever.  I’ll go, but no monkey bars, ok!

3 thoughts on “Kindergarten open house, and a momentous occasion!

  1. Darwin, the kindergarten classroom will be enriched by your presence! I expect you will learn to read along with the little girl!!

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