Halloween Sucks. Always.

Halloween, has been, and is my least favorite holiday ever.  Like it’s not even a holiday.  I don’t understand these crazy humans and why they would EVER want to dress up as something else.  Oh, wait, I know why.  It’s because they want to be something more awesome than they are everyday.  I, on the other hand, as you can understand, do not feel an urge to do this.  I am the most awesome thing ever.  All day, everyday.  So when I’m subjected to the humans tormenting me, by dressing me up, they are just tormenting me!

Remember what the mom and the girl did to me this past Halloween?  

Yeah, that did not rock.  But I showed the girl and the mom that I would NOT take that kind of abuse.  The mom felt kinda bad, but little did she know, this was not the first Halloween I had been tormented.


The original girl and the original mom thought it would be fun to dress me up as a Pirate for my first Halloween.   Um, no.  Luckily I was small so she could force me to take a photo.   Look at the “whatever” in my eyes.   I was only two and half months old, but I think I did a pretty good job conveying my “whateverness” to them.   However, that didn’t stop the original mom and the original girl from tormenting me the following year.

1016121602 1016121603aI know the original girl likes superheros, but come on.  I am superhero enough with the cape.  Or maybe they didn’t know at that time I was going to be a superhero diabetic alert dog.  Whatever, they knew I would be great.  And super.  And a hero.   Can you see that by this time I had honed the “whatever” look?  Yeah, I use that a lot.  Whatever, I need it.  It’s a coping mechanism.

I hope the girl wants me to dress up as a service dog this coming year. I am ok with that.

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