It’s not always about me…sometimes it’s about #forRMHC!

Well, never mind.  It is always about me, but it’s not always about me and type one diabetes.  Well, maybe it still is, but in any case…..  I’m sure many of you have heard about Ronald McDonald House Charities.  This group is associated with the “golden arches” and really does a lot of good for a lot of people who need help.  What kind of help you might ask?  They provide comfortable, affordable (most of the time no cost), and close lodging to families of kids who are in the hospital.  Kids who are in the hospital for all kinds of reasons….including type 1 diabetes.

Why is this so important?    And why am I wearing red and white stripped socks?  Well, when the girl was diagnosed with type 1, she had to stay in the hospital for 5 days.  But the mom and the dad lived pretty close by to the hospital at the time, and they took turns sleeping in her room with her.  There are many families who live so far away from the medical centers that they would have to get a hotel….for sometimes long periods of time.   And that’s a lot of money for a family that is most likely already going to be pretty stressed with a medical issue….let alone with the costs of that medical issue!  So the Ronald McDonald houses across the country offer lodging! And we have our very own local Ronald McDonald house here in the central valley of California.  Which is great, because Children’s Hospital in Madera serves a huge geographical area so they have lots of families in need of reasonably priced lodging.

So why am I sharing all this with you, other than it’s good information to have?  Ronald McDonald House Charities is doing an awareness campaign (hence the socks….which if they weren’t for such a good cause I would ditch them immediately….)!    They want to spread the word about all the awesome things they do….so listen up….. (and don’t judge me by my socks….)


Ronald McDonald House Charities in the Central Valley provided 338 families, 6500 room nights in 2013.  Unfortunately, they had to turn away over 817 families due to the fact they just don’t have enough room…..  How can you help?  Well, check out their website, then find a pair of red and white socks, take photo, and share a story with #forRMHC .  Let’s see how many others are as brave as me and the girl……we dare you!    IMG_1650.JPGAnd don’t forget to tag things #forRMHC  🙂

Now let me get these socks off.  I need to alert this girl…she’s going way too low.

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