If I had a bakery….

So the girl has a lot of projects for school….now that she’s a big bad kindergartener.  One such project was to create a part of the community.  She wanted to do a bakery, but not just any bakery.  Darwin’s Bakery.  Yea, because, a Diabetic Alert Dog, would really want to have a bakery that bakes sweets for people to eat.   She’s crazy.  But it was a nice gesture I suppose.    And on a funny note, she decided to use a lot of used blood glucose testing strips as decorations.  They kinda look like icicles I suppose.    Yeah, I’m sure that’s what she meant for them to be.    It’s a good thing I alert on her so much that she uses so many test strips.   Well, by she would have enough test strips to use as shingles for 50 houses I think…..real houses. IMG_1462.JPGPS:  the mom put glue on the end of every used test strip to make sure it wasn’t a biohazard.

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