I’m holding a PAW-A-THON to raise money for Early Alert Canines…..

Who wants to sponsor me?   $1 a paw….$5 a paw…..$10 a paw…… $100 a paw……whatever you can do….. It’s worth it, I promise.    I’m worth it, and you know that.

The girl did a jog-a-thon a few weeks back to raise money for a field trip at school,  but I’m pretty sure saving her life is more important, right?

As you know, I did my diabetic alert training at Early Alert Canines.  This organization ROCKS.  Because they don’t charge for the dogs, they are able to get dogs like me, who are pretty much already trained for obedience, from Guide Dogs for the Blind and Canine Companions for Independence.    This lets them really efficiently train us to do what we were born to do…..alert to low and high blood glucoses…..save our Type 1 Diabetic partners….and give our partners and their families a lot of piece of mind.    And if that doesn’t sound worth it…I don’t know what is!

So visit the Early Alert Canines website, donate online or by mail, and let them know you’re sponsoring Darwin’s Paw-a-thon!   I want to help others like my girl get dogs as awesome as me.  (well, almost as awesome, since I am the best….just saying!)

I must warn you though…I’ve been busy this past week pawing….the girl has been sick.  And when the girl gets sick, her BG’s are all over the place!  And what does that make me do?  PAW PAW PAW PAW and PAW some more.   And then PAW again.   The mom and the dad have been on full time, round the clock duty, and so have I.  Since it was a tummy issue, each time the girl ate or drank something with carbohydrates in it….she would throw them right back up…..so the administering of insulin becomes a HUGE challenge.  And they can’t just not give insulin because the girl would then go into diabetic ketoacidosis…..and that, my friends, is horrible.  (basically her body would start eating itself).  So yeah, I’ve been on my game, helping the mom and the dad know when there are lows they didn’t expect….(which there have been a lot of them lately!)

So, thank you in advance for your support of Early Alert Canines.  All the humans there are great, and I want to make sure they have the opportunity to keep doing what they are so good at doing:  Improving the lives of Type 1 Diabetics and their families, regardless of age or income.

PS:  Someone has offered to match donations until Nov. 15th…….so get to it!  One paw is worth like two! 

PPS: The mom *just* told me that each “like” I got on this blog or on my Facebook page or on Early Alert Canine’s Facebook page she would donate $1 to Early Alert Canines….. OMG, so like this please!!!!!!!!!  That’s like donating for free!  Share….get everyone to like this page, like my FB page, and like EAC’s FB page…..make the mom pay!!!!!  Make me look like a hero!  Wait, I already am a hero, but yeah.  Help a diabetic alert dog out…..help me raise money so others can have a super-dog like me.  



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