Soccer game alerting, I never get a break.

One of the forty seven companies it’s seems the mom works for hosted a soccer game at a big fresh produce industry event. Yeah. I know. Glamorous. Ha!

Anyways, the dad and the girl and the grandma were along for the adventure. And prior to heading to the game we went for sushi. And by we I mean the rest of them because they don’t share. And even when they drop food I can’t eat it. I know. It’s not fair. But anyways, sushi and the girl don’t always get along from a blood glucose standpoint. And tonight they didn’t get along at all!

So I ended up having to alert at the soccer game to let them know she was dropping too fast. Sometimes sushi sends her sky high. Sometimes she bottoms out. SURPRISE! Ugh.


No worries though. I was on my game the whole night and the girl didn’t drop into dangerous territory.


So all was good. But I am really not a sports dog. Take me to the ballet please.

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