Dog in the classroom, girl outside at recess. Alerting possible?

Of course.

The mom takes me to the girls school a lot. When she volunteers in the classroom I go along to help keep an eye on the girls BG. The mom usually doesn’t go to the cafeteria with the kids, and I can’t say I blame her. 450 kids. Bad food. Bad acoustics. Yeah. No thanks.

But anyways, the mom and I usually hang out in the classroom alone while the girl is at lunch and the recess. Well. My nose is so good I can smell the girls dropping or rising BG from inside the classroom…..while she’s outside playing.

So just the other day the girl decided she wasn’t going to eat all her lunch. Terrible. Ugh. So she was dropping fast by the time she got to recess. The mom didn’t know any better but I knew. So I pawed the mom. She actually didn’t take me seriously at first. Can you believe that?!?!! After I continued to paw she went out and checked the girl. Sure enough she was already low. I’m rock. And I got cheese for that alert the mom was so impressed. As she should be.

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