Bobby Sox, Blood Sugars, and Dirt. 

So the girl is playing Bobby Sox. Aka softball. And I’m kinda over it. Want to know why?  The dirt!  Good lord the dirt. I’m a black dog. I’m a city dog. Dirt doesn’t fit into my life. But the mom and the dad just don’t seem to get that. Don’t worry. I showed them. Keep reading.

The girl had oatmeal for breakfast. And high protein milk to try to balance the carb hit. But noooooo, the mom couldn’t leave well enough alone. She had to put in raisins. Little blood sugar obliterating raisins. So the girl went high!  And I had to tell the mom. Even while the girl was up to bat. I don’t care. Stop the game!  The girl needs insulin. And I need a cheerio!  Or one of those bacon wrapped hotdogs I smelled on the way in. Hmmmm….bacon. 

Anyways. I didn’t get a hotdog but I did get a cheerio. And as a thank you I kept alerting the mom. With my dusty dirty paw. Bwahhhhhhh!  And she had black pants on!  Payback for making me sit in he sun and the dirt. 

And I wasn’t really sticking my toungue out. But I like this picture. It more accurately shows my opinion on the situation. 

The girls team won. And I won because by the time the game was over the girls blood sugar was back in range. What did I win you ask?  A nap. In a nice clean and air conditioned car. Ahhhhh. 

2 thoughts on “Bobby Sox, Blood Sugars, and Dirt. 

  1. Darwin, you are a Saint! I love when you share your life stories with your child. God has given you such an amazing gift & thank you for being there for Laura & her family.
    By the way, Bobby Sox/Softball isn’t so bad if the mom will bring you a cool towel.

  2. So, guess you’re not a ball-crazy guy, Darwin. Good job on the alerts. Maybe the mom would freeze a 2L soda bottle filled with water, (dump out the toxic soda) and take it along to the game. It’s a cool snuggle buddy on a hot day at the ballpark. You should be elected team mascot…do double duty and maybe get one of those hot dogs someday instead of being the hot dog. One can hope.

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