The Girl doesn’t know how to be invisible.

I still need to teach the girl a lot of life skills. See, being invisible and blending in is a great skill to have when you are somewhere you shouldn’t be. Yes, even though I’m super smart and well educated sometimes I go places I shouldn’t be. (Don’t tell Carol or Mo at EAC. I might be in trouble. Wait. I won’t be in trouble, the mom and dad will be! Tell them!)

So yeah, I like to get on the mom and dads bed. Its one of those knock off temperpedic things that feels so good. It’s way better than the Costco special they got me. So I figure as an important part of this family I should just take what I deserve, right? The girl thinks the same way I do. She is supposed to be in her bed in her bedroom but we like it better in here.

We keep getting kicked out though because the girl does not know how to blend in. I mean, come on. She can’t help but draw attention to herself. Whatever. She will learn soon enough that it’s not always good to be the center of attention. Especially when the center of attention is not as comfortable as a nice soft bed.


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