The movies.

So the mom and dad and girl decided to go to a movie tonight. It was the first time for me to go to the movie theater with this crazy bunch.

Just as we walked in the mom got to educate someone at the theater about service dogs. The guy taking the tickets asked of she had papers for me. Papers! As if. I would have asked him where his papers were but the mom was much nicer. She explained that he should have asked what service I perform and then left it at that. He actually thanked the mom for the eduction. Dude, I say you need to get more education. Maybe Carol and Mo at EAC could educate him?

Anyways, If I hear the mom say “leave it” one more time I swear I might bite her. (Just kidding) But seriously. There was popcorn all over the floor. Buttery popcorn. Did the mom even let me have one? NO! Come on. I even alerted that the girl’s blood glucose was going too high after all the popcorn SHE got to eat! Shouldn’t that get more than a Cheerio? It would have been easier on the mom to just say “release” and let me eat my weight in popcorn. Oh well. Between the popcorn and the small bag of candies I’m pretty proud the girl stayed in range because of me. Yeah me. The non popcorn eating diabetic alert dog.

Can I tell you a secret? I think the mom and the girl are too sensitive. Ten minutes into the movie and the mom is balling her eyes out and the girl is crying and whimpering. Then five minutes later they are laughing. It went on like that the whole hour and forty eight minutes. What is the issue ladies?!?! It’s a Disney movie for gods sake. The dad was cool though. I think he was laughing the whole way through. Half at the movie and half at the mom and girl. I’m with him there. Us guys are more in control of our emotions. Although I might cry if they ever let me have a steak. Whatever. That would be worth it.

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