Lazy day. Not.

The mom and dad decided they had to pack more cara cara oranges and seedless lemons today. Ugh. I wish they would just leave me and the girl at home alone. I mean, I’m totally responsible. Sure I can’t talk and I don’t have thumbs but whatever. I could still do it.

Anyways, so we spent five hours at the shop hanging out watching the mom and dad work. It’s pretty funny sometimes. I slept for a while but did get a couple good alerts in. The mom over bolused for breakfast this morning so I caught an impending low before lunch. (I heard some foul language and a reference to pancakes…whatever that was about)

Now we’re on the way home and the girl was dropping again. I think she’s growing or something so her insulin needs are all wacky right now. But that’s ok. I’m on it. And the mom and dad are on it too.


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