Parades suck.

The mom decided the girl might like to go to a parade for Veterans Day. The girl, our course, said yes! Did they ask me if I wanted to go? No. It’s just “let’s go Darwin”.

So I got to stand behind the girl for 3 hours, yes folks, three hours, while the parade went on and on and on. AND the girls mom must have screwed something up at breakfast because the girl kept going high. I think I alerted 20 times in those 3 hours. That’s hard work folks. I have to lift like my entire paw off the ground. Whatever. No one understands.

I guess when I look at it from the standpoint of helping the girl the pain was worth it. The girl loved the parade more because I managed to get her blood glucose back in range. After a lot of hard work!

But yeah. Parades still suck.

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