Soccer practice tears.

IMG_5969I would like to step back a bit and share with you one of my first major alerts with the girl.  Like one that made the mom cry.  Yes, it was that good.

It was just two weeks after returning from the girl and the mom and the dad getting trained at EAC. I had been ready for ages, but they are slow learners. Whatever. I can still deal with them.  They love me.

So anyways, the dad had gotten the girl ready for soccer practice and had fed her a burrito for dinner. Usually, this would be make her go high then drop later. However, I’m sure you’ve realized nothing is *usual* when it comes to type one diabetes. In any case, the girl ate and we loaded into the car to go to practice. The mom had to meet us there since she had a meeting or something. (Again, working, always, you’re not surprised, right?).

So the girl put those spikey shoes on and ran out on the field her coaches had outlined. They practiced at a park since that was easier for everyone. Well, except for me! Do you know how many smells swirl around parks?  It makes it that much harder to pick up the girl’s smell, but I can do it.  Ugh. They never think of me. Whatever.

So yeah, the girl was running around and I could start to smell there was a problem. A drop in blood glucose. I pawed the dad. He told me good boy, assuming she was high. The mom showed up and by that time there was a real issue. I pawed her. And pawed her. And she asked the dad about it. And he said the girl must be high. I pawed more. Thinking my god are these the dumbest humans ever? Why did Carol and Mo pair me with THIS family? Then the mom finally asked the dad to go on the field and check. IMG_5971Thank god he used to be a soccer player because he can check blood glucose while running! Cool. Kinda. So he checked and she was 64! With a lot of insulin on board. I hated to be all “see I told you” so but I was.

They got the girl a juice box.  And they gave me a bunch of cheerios.  The BG still didn’t come up. She had another. Still no move. Three more glucose tabs later and finally she was back in range. And I was all slobbery. I slobber and drool when I’m nervous. More about that later. Don’t judge.

So after the girl was ok and back on the grass running around I saw the mom. Crying! I was like, um you should be giving me a steak and thanking god you have me not crying. Turns out she was writing a text to Carol and EAC thanking her for me and she got all emotional. Of course. I had just saved the girls life. Or at least kept her from really having a serious problem. The mom kept muttering “she would have been 20 by the time we had figured it out if we didn’t have Darwin….)

I’m glad the mom appreciates me. They whole family does. Whatever. They should.


Now if only I could get the girl to stop hugging me so aggressively.

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