The DMV.

So the mom took us to the DMV. I was afraid she said DVM which we all know is the doctor of veterinary medicine. Aka the vet. Aka shot giver. Aka person who takes my temperature in places I don’t want it taken. Ugh. I have dignity you know. Whatever. I don’t even know the meaning of that word anymore I think…..

Well, it turns out I would rather go to the DVM than the DMV. That place sucks. Long lines. Irritable people. And the day we went the girl was running too high. She had something for breakfast that made her go too high. So I was alerting like crazy. And people were staring. The mom didn’t care. She never does. She checked the girls BG. Right there and sure enough she was too high. Even with a correction I knew she was too high so I kept alerting.

We had been waiting for like 20 minutes and our number was far from being called. Ugh. The mom usually makes an appointment but didn’t that day. Yeah, good idea. Bring the girl and the dog when you don’t have an appointment. Greaaaat idea.

Anyways, one of the nice people who worked there (there are like four) saw what was going on with my alerting and the mom messing with the girls insulin pump. She ushered the mom to the counter and gave her a new number! The next one to be called! Woohoo! Score. Better than Cheerios! Well, maybe not.

So yeah. I hope the mom learned her lesson. Make an appointment! Or leave us at the grandmas house. The DMV is no place for a black dog and a little girl.

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