Another Family Member, Guest Blogger.

***I asked Abby, the grandma’s dog, to be a guest author on the blog.  Occasionally.  Don’t worry, this is still MY blog.  After all, it’s not  Whatever maybe fake is harsh, but  I’m still not sure exactly what her job is.  Oh well, Abby is pretty cool.  I’m not sure about her writing skills though.  Don’t be harsh, that’s my job.

From Abby:  The Girl’s family has been so busy with ranch work, meetings, and graduation for that other dog that they forgot to introduce me, Abby, the Ranch’s very own Queensland Heeler, and I’m the first important dog in The Girl’s life. Right upfront, however, I want to say that I am not jealous of that big, shiny, black Lab named Darwin, even though he does get to sleep in The Girl’s room and go in the car everywhere she goes. I was her first protector, always walking about six feet away from her stroller when she was at the ranch, and always playing gently with her when she learned to throw balls. About two and half years ago, however, I knew she needed some assistance for which I had no skills. So I was truly happy when that handsome dog arrived almost five months ago. The Grandma had been taking some guff for allowing me to be a wussy dog who didn’t scare strangers away, but the day those nice people from Early Alert Canines came to visit and I was nice to their dog the Mom and the Dad were happy about my great personality. There was a big sigh of relief that I didn’t bark or fight with the visiting dogs. Hey, I knew something big was going down, something important.

I will still make sure The Girl, and now Darwin, are safe at the ranch. I will bark to let them know coyotes are close by, and I’ll make sure those two ranch cats behave themselves. I’m much tougher than the family realizes.

Welcome, Darwin. You are one handsome Dog. We can be friends, even if you are a city dog.

2 thoughts on “Another Family Member, Guest Blogger.

    • Thank you, Gloria. I hope you continue to enjoy Darwin’s blogs. I will adding comments occasionally. Abby, the Queensland Heeler.

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