Asilomar…in pictures.



Yeah, we’re at the beach.  Um.  Ok.  Let me run already.




I’m a diabetic alert dog, not a digger.  You go right ahead and dig.  I’ll watch.




The sand is awesome, but the paw prints I left were even more awesome.




Smile.  Yes, I know the mom takes too many photos.  Just grin like I do.


20140124-131524.jpgRelax, go to the beach they say….. I say, go to the beach, don’t relax, the girl might be dropping……  Whatever, it’s worth it.  The grandma and the grandpa appreciate my help.  I really don’t think they could do it without me.  Well, I don’t think the mom or the dad could do it without me.    I hope they never have to do it without me.


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