Happy Birthday to The Girl!

The girl is now officially five! That’s old. But then again I think in dog years. So I suppose she’s still pretty young. Um. Yeah, she still acts pretty young too most of the time so that makes sense.

The girl’s mom must be pretty young too since she failed to read my expression below.   I bet anyone else reading this could see that I’m saying “this is not good, this is not cool, get me out of here”.
Anyways, the girl had a celebration at her preschool. She asked for a piñata. I knew when I saw that sparkly mess of streamers that I wanted nothing to do with it. Could the mom leave me at home during this madness? No. Of course not. She said I am so important I needed to go everywhere with them. I think she just likes to torment me. Whatever. I will prevail. Someday. 


What do you get when you put a piñata, 8 toddlers, and a service dog together? This:

When the girl was stuffing the piñata with bags of stuff I CANNOT eat, she told me she was going to give me one of the party hats.  I wish she didn’t follow up on things so well.  This hat is not my style.  Um, there is no hat EVER in my style.  Remember that.

I even had to alert during this whole experience since the girl was running high. So not only was I on edge because of the prospect of a flying stick coming my way I was drooling because of the girls BG high. Stressed is an understatement.   But it seems to be part of the job description with these people.  20140203-160428.jpg

But all turned out ok. The piñata was destroyed, no one got hurt, and the girls BG came back into range. So happy birthday to the girl. Let’s hope she doesn’t eat any cake. Who am I kidding. I know she will. and I’ll be alerting.  



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