Thank god for portable crates. This family travels so much. I always have a nice safe place to call my own. No matter if they are at a Marriott or a Hilton. A Best Western or a Ritz Carlton. Hahaha, just kidding they would never spend the money on a Ritz Carlton. Oh well, it’s all good. And by saying it’s all good I really mean they should let me and the girl stay at the Ritz and the rest of them can stay at the Residence Inn. Actually. The girl needs her own place. And her own bed. I don’t understand how 50lbs of her takes up 15 times the space a 75lb of me does. I want to sleep in a hotel bed. But they tell me that’s not acceptable. So to the portable crate I go.

Anyways, the girl should be happy I’m so adaptable. Love her. And love keeping her safe. Whatever, it’s my job. I can love my job.

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